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About Us

Making skin care affordable and efficient with the help of Dermatology experts and Artificial Intelligence.

Aiconic Clinics was founded to help patients across the globe manage Acne, Eczema, Rosacea, Psoriasis and other skin conditions and mitigate the effects it has on mental health.

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Our Story

Aiconic Clinics was founded by Dr. Raghu Ramaiah in 2021 with the objective of establishing our clinics as a leading service provider in the field of private dermatology globally using Artificial Intelligence. The clinics have experienced Dermatologists and Advanced Medical Practitioners who can help with all kinds of Dermatological conditions.

Dr. Raghu Ramaiah and his team have developed the Skin Qode App in order to facilitate bookings of thousands of patients with skin conditions all around the world. His vision includes global service, so he is working relentlessly to facilitate better health.

Meet The Team

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