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International reputed experts in Medical and Technology fields working together to help millions of Acne patients around the globe


Having started our journey to diagnose all skin conditions and building advanced techniques to diagnose all common skin conditions in all age groups, we have pivoted to solve one big problem at a time.

Using all the knowledge gain for solving all conditions, we now have the ability to not only diagnose the conditions but also the severity of certain conditions which allows self-management.

Doctor Using Digital Tablet
Happy Doctor


We have just begun with bringing personalized care to the palm of your hand as a tool which can help you self-manage and treat your acne condition effectively. Our Vision is to change the way patients have access to Specialist Doctors and to get expert diagnosis and treatments in just a few clicks!

Our Vision is to continue to build technology around this idea where we can have a connected world but still data stays in your own hands - Skincare in the hands of the patients 24/7

We will continue to build tools where patients can self diagnose and self manage their own skin conditions with minimal but expert support and help from doctors even in the most remote parts of the world

Smart Phone
Web Consultation


We have used the best of the Deep Learning tools (machines which teach themselves) to create this amazing product. We will continue to use other components of Artificial Intelligence, some of which need training. We intend to deliver these diagnostic tools through your home voice assistants (Alexa, Siri) and through cameras which will have our trained machine chips in them.

Most importantly, our technology will ensure the privacy you deserve and deliver the care in a very secure manner

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