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Customised Acne Care

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Get an Acne Doctor in your pocket now

Specialized Acne Consultation Service powered by AI technology. Get Personalized Acne Consultations or Treatments from the comfort of your home - anytime, anywhere

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Acne can be self managed by majority of the people. But when you need the treatment and you don't get it, you can be scarred for life.

Get Dermatologists Advice now

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Acne is stubborn and needs building a regular habit of the treatment regimes and reminding of what not to do. Register and get daily help.


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Our Mission

Automate Self Care for 650 M Acne patients in the world

Acne affects 650 million people globally. With full history and details of your acne, an experienced Dermatologist can help you manage your acne effectively.


Our aim is to help you with Treatments and Self-management of all aspects of acne. From supervised medical prescriptions to daily advice, we provide regular support and care based on your skin type and acne severity

Medical Consultation

Get Treatment Advice in 3 steps

Take pictures & store them in our Image Diary to keep track of your progress

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Upload a few pictures

All we need is a few good quality pictures of your front, right and left side and other areas affected. Our proprietary most advanced Acne analysis tools analyses and grades your Acne and helps Dermatologists get all the information they need to make the right recommendations specifically for you.

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Add Acne information

Knowing the most basic things about you makes a huge difference in recommending you the treatments. Your Skin Tone, Your Skin Type, Your Age, the recurring pattern of Acne - all of these can be added in few seconds but help to get you the right medication advice first time. 


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Cosmetic and Over the Counter medications to buy, within minutes of uploading all the right information

Dermatologist prescriptions for the right medicines you need to use with detailed video advice of how to use them

Acne Coach . Specialised Acne management tools on your devices to develop habits to control your stubborn acne. 

Remote Consultations

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Want to see who is treating you. Request a video call and our dermatologists will talk to you and advice you how to control your acne.

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Use the same information uploaded for your free services, pay for Consultation and get remote advice and prescriptions on your device.

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