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Bringing back the concept of your "Family Doctor" to the local community via personal paediatric care for the family. 

Made accessible by our secure mobile app for updating and communicating with your doctors anytime. 



Expert Paediatric Specialists

Caring Professionals

Our Paediatricians are very experienced NHS Consultants. They are trained to highest standards in various sub-specialities. They are the best consultants you will find in the country. 

with years of private practice experience they understand the needs of the children and the parents who seek help. So expect a very family friendly service with us.



We treat everyday illnesses in children like cough, cold, and fever. Skin Rashes, Ear aches, Urine infections, Stomach Flu etc can all be diagnosed and treated in our clinic setup. 

Eczema and other forms of Dermatitis, Nappy Rashes and other forms of rashes can be treated in our clinics. Acne, Psoriasis, Fungal infection are commonly treated in our clinics. 

Allergy diagnosis tests and treatment is what most patients seek our service for.  Asthma, Hay fever, Bronchiolitis and other breathing illnesses can be consulted in our clinics too.

Easy access to our services


Online Consultations

Upload images and clinical details and get treatment advice from an experienced Consultant.

  • Seek advice 24/7

  • Quick turnaround

  • Full Prescription Service


Video Consultations

Get appointment based video consultation from the best specialists anywhere in the country at affordable costs.

  • Appointment based service

  • Full Prescription Service

  • Get treated by the best


Clinic Consultations

If you require meeting face to face. Meet our friendly experts, get treatment advice from  experienced Consultants

  • Appointment based Service

  • For Procedural Treatments

  • Convenient Locations

Aiconic App

Aiconic app will put you at the centre of your care. We have developed a Specialised Secure App built for everyday support. From searching and booking appointments, to keeping a record of your medical conditions using a secure diary,  you can make this App your trusted friend. 


What Patients Say

Dr Raghu was very quick to talk to me over the phone within minutes of reaching out. I was so worried about my 5 year old daughter. I was put to ease able to understand what the problem was from someone who is an intensive care expert. It saved me the hassles of making an appointment with the GP or to wait hours in ED as this was out of hours

Simone, Hinckley

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